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Meet Our Yoga Instructor

Yoga on the weekend is perfect for recovery and good for your health!


Join Sally for Yoga on Saturdays

Sally is excited to be sharing her practice with clients at Focal Fit. She has been teaching yoga in various settings, from gyms, schools, studios to community centres since 2014.

Sally has a passion for helping people live to their fullest potential no matter where they are in their life journey. She believes that health is synonymous with mental well being and brings attention to the connection of body, mind and breath for a fully lived in experience on the mat. 

With over 12 years of working in social services as a disability support worker, Sally has worked with people of all abilities. She has experience with manual physical therapy, adaptive techniques, and standard hands on assists. Expect an open, welcoming and compassionate experience when you attend her classes. She is looking forward to meeting Focal Fit’s clients and sharing her practice with everyone.

Yoga: Training
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