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Laura is our head of classes.  She is so excited to come alongside Focal Fit and take on new clients in this brand new local fitness studio.  She comes from a background of running fitness classes and providing individual personal training in a corporate setting over the course of 10 years. 

Laura wants all people to feel comfortable and fully believe and know that they can make lasting changes in their lifestyle to improve their health.  She sees fitness as a process that should leave people feeling good about themselves. The Focal Fit studio is especially amiable to anyone looking for that warm local gym atmosphere.  She wants to see you here!

If you're motivated to get in touch with us, we're motivated to work towards your goals

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    15 Canadian dollars
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Focal Fit Training Studio is proud to be the newest and smallest kid on the block. In the age of big box fitness and constantly rotating diet trends, we want to return to what has been shown over and over to lead to acquiring and sustaining results:

The individual.

No one is surprised to hear that creating physical change in the body means eating better and moving more; but how do I make myself do it? And how do I sustain it?

The answer is to tune in to YOU and not force yourself into another cookie-cutter program that supposedly worked for someone else.

Our trainers are focused on just this; because there is only one of you.

Our classes are small to make sure you aren't lost in the shuffle. Our nutrition coaching is individualized because food is a diverse experience.

It all begins with getting to know each other. Now you know a bit about us. Let's get in touch!

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141 Sherbrook Street

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